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Here you can read some of my favorite articles on a variety of topics. Also, see a list of articles in which I - or projects in which I have been involved - were featured.

Detroit is Lame

Instant Runoff Voting

Also read about my own project involving election reform and Instant Runoff Voting. You can also view more articles about this group on its main website.


Just Plain Funny

Medical Field Problems

Psychiatry Problems

  • Another One - Once again an entire article and not one question of WHY more than one in twenty American children is "mentally ill" or has "behavioral problems" that require medications.

  • "Up to 25 percent of U.S. children and 8 percent of teenagers suffer depression, the FDA said." - Anyone who knows me will know what I think of this article. The FDA has approved Prozac for use in children. Now you would think that if 25% of the children in the country suffer from depression (or even up to 25%) that would merit a bit more questioning as to whether something is wrong OUTSIDE of the children that needs to be fixed instead of just medicating them and keeping them quiet. Instead, the article just goes on as if they didn't just say something blatantly shocking and disturbing in that sentence. Apparently, from their standpoint, 1/4 of kids in America just need a brain tune-up cause theirs is faulty. Each article I see like this makes me sigh with relief that I escaped before it was too late. When will these people come to their senses?

  • Against Depression, a Sugar Pill Is Hard to Beat from Washington Post, May 7, 2002 - This article speaks about the misleading drug company studies, where they have to conduct numerous trials in order to get even two that show a positive result for antidepressants beyond placebo. It explains how nine of 10 patients seeing a doctor for depression are prescribed medication. Would we put 9 of 10 diabetics on insulin or 9 of 10 cancer patients on chemo even? No, but in psychiatry a new patient is rarely assessed for whether they need drugs, only for which one. As the article says, it has become a "reflexive treatment". It also explains how the average depressed patient sees a doctor about 20 minutes a month. Wow did they add 5 minutes? I remember it being 15 when I was rotating. "How's your sleep, hows your side effects, ok see ya!" And this doesn't even get into the fact that the drugs have negative side effects.

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