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Josiah Leming:
Music, Videos, Websites and Other Resources

Come on Kid by Josiah Leming


June 26, 2010

I first saw Josiah Leming, along with most people, singing “To Run” during his memorable audition series on Season 7 of American Idol. Although he was controversially cut without making it into that season’s Top 24, his story and unique sound were intriguing enough to make me curious to investigate his music further. I then checked out some of his first online resources – his YouTube videos and his MySpace page – and was even more impressed with what I saw and heard, especially “One Last Song”. After buying a number of his songs from his MySpace store, I heard even more that I liked and was stunned with the depth and poignancy displayed in his songwriting, especially for someone barely 19 years old at the time.

This led me to write “Josiah Leming: Brilliant, Haunting Music & Web 2.0 Drive American Idol Castoff’s Prototypical Success Story”, in which I discussed his story and how he brilliantly used his online presence to build a fan base that was already beginning to surpass even most Idol finalists. This culminated in Josiah being signed to a recording contract with Warner Bros.

Since then, Josiah has continued to do even more great things that have solidified him as one of my favorite artists and one of the most talented young songwriters I’ve heard. He has put out even more songs, one after another, that are almost all great. Last year, I got to see him play live in a tiny show with only a few people there. His last song at that show, “Song Without a Reason” – written in the wake of his mother’s passing from cancer – moved me so much that I actually sought out someone going to his next show to ask them to record a decent version of it. Josiah has also been doing a weekly live webcam show on Stickam, interacting with fans and playing his songs (as well as a few covers), which has impressed me musically, as well as in terms of wise online marketing and truly building a bond with his fan base.

Josiah’s first album, Come On Kid is currently due to be was put out by Warner Bros. on September 14, 2010, which will be is another great milestone for this promising and talented artist. So I thought it might be a perfect time to set up this page to compile some of the best online resources for Josiah’s fans and for those just discovering him. I will try to update it periodically in the future as new resources become available.

If you know of any resources I should consider listing here, feel free to contact me.

List Last Updated on September 16, 2010

Josiah Leming’s Official Recordings

Come On Kid
Come On Kid by Josiah Leming
  1. Come On Kid
  2. Maybe
  3. To Run
  4. Arctic Outcry Wind
  5. Day and Night
  6. Body and Mind
  7. Silly Fly
  8. Joy and Happiness
  9. Song Without a Reason
Buy in Digital Format

Angels Undercover EP
Angels Undercover EP by Josiah Leming
  1. Arctic Outcry Wind (EP Version)

  2. Angels Undercover (EP Version)

  3. Theysay (EP Version)

  4. This Cigar (EP Version)

  5. To Run (EP Version)
Buy in CD Format
Buy in Digital Format

Punk Ass Rain EP
Punk Ass Rain EP by Josiah Leming
  1. Satisfied

  2. Dizzy On The Rooftops

  3. Over and Over

  4. Razor Blades and Hand Grenades

  5. Punk Ass Rain
Buy in Digital Format

Josiah Leming’s Own Online Pages

Josiah Leming’s MySpace - Listen to Josiah’s music, see tour dates, buy merchandise, read his updates and leave him a comment or message.
Josiah Leming’s Personal YouTube Channel - View Josiah’s videos, including updates for his fans, interviews, cover songs, and versions of his own songs including his homemade originals from before he even appeared on American Idol.
Josiah Leming’s Facebook - View updates, tour dates, listen to music or leave a comment.
Josiah Leming on Twitter
Josiah Leming on Stickam - Check out Josiah’s weekly live webcam show on Sunday nights at 9:30 EST/6:30 PST or view archives of past shows.
Josiah Leming’s First Live Webcam Broadcast from UStream - Archived version of the only live webcam show he did on UStream before switching to do them on Stickam.

Resources Created by Josiah’s Fans

  • Josiah Leming Fansite - A nice blog that keeps fans up to date on Josiah news, videos and performances and also chooses the best fan covers of Josiah’s songs for its “Cover of the Week”.

  • JosiahVids1’s YouTube Channel - Videos of some of Josiah’s live performances in concert and on his Stickam webcam show.

Other Notable Josiah Leming Videos

  • Josiah Performs “Angels Undercover” for MTV News

  • Josiah performs “Song Without a Reason” on November 17, 2009 at Subterranean in Chicago – This is the video taken by MrsSammyZ upon my request after I was blown away by this song at the previous show in my area.

  • Project Rhythm Seed's Sunset Sessions Series - Josiah Leming – Project Rhythm Seed is a foundation committed to providing ongoing funding for school music programs and education. In this interview, Michael Halloran compares the overwhelming impact of Josiah’s performance on him to his experience first seeing Jeff Buckley perform many years ago. Also includes a nicely produced video of a live performance of "Appalachia".

    In the text preceding the videos, Myles Crawley compares Josiah's performance - which left his daughter with tears streaming down her face - to being near an area where lightning has just struck and to seeing Bob Dylan or Elton John before the world knew who they were. He also calls it "an experience that maybe happens once or twice in one's lifetime, if you're really lucky".

  • Josiah Leming Sings And Plays for Project Rhythm Seed – Josiah met with Project Rhythm Seed again shortly after his first visit for a quick interview and a beautifully-filmed and great-sounding version of "Song Without a Reason". This was posted on the day Come On Kid was released. Then on Day 2, equally well-produced versions of "Silly Fly" and "Joy and Happiness" were posted.

  • Josiah performs several songs at the Gift Shop at the MTV Movie Awards – From June 5, 2010. Josiah’s part is from about the 9 minutes mark to about the 29 minute mark.

  • Josiah is Interviewed and Plays "Maybe" on Detroits's Fox 2 News Weekend – From August 1, 2010. Talks about his experience on American Idol, his record deal with Warner Brothers, and his debut album before performing.

  • Introducing Josiah Leming – Beautiful video by Dean K. Productions for Warner Reprise in anticipation of the release of Come On Kid. In it, Josiah talks about how he got into music, why it's important, discusses the writing of "Maybe" and "Come On Kid" and tells the touching story of his mother's support and how her passing inspired the difficult writing of "Song Without a Reason". Features snippets of several songs along with Josiah stating "If I'm gonna do this, I want to be able to do it as well as anyone who's ever done it."

  • Josiah Leming Plays New Music For Reality Rocks, Is Awesome, Proves Simon Cowell Wrong, Etc. – Posted September 7, 2010. Lyndsey Parker, from Yahoo Music, is a big fan of Josiah's music. So she was excited when he came in to Yahoo to play versions of "Maybe", "Come On Kid", "Song Without a Reason" and "Lover". He also did an interview where he discusses his piano playing posture, why his debut album took so long to come out, his pseudo-British accent, his strong identity as a songwriter and his experience being cut from American Idol.

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