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  • I Am Better Than Your Kids - In this hilarious site, this guy critiques (rather harshly) the artwork of small children. This one has had several of my friends nearly in tears of laughter.

  • Women Hazardous Materials Sheet - Self explanatory...I'll skip the cheesy chemistry puns.

  • The Bible in Lego-like characters. - An irreverent classic.

  • Spiderman will make you gay - Like my fondness for Billy Madison, this choice reflects the rather childish side of my sense of humor. What can I say? Some things crack me up by sheer virute of their utter this!

  • Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair - Sometimes hyperreligious folks just do more to confirm my agnosticism than any agnostic or atheist could ever do...and crack me up in the process. I am pretty sure this is a hoax, but hey I can't prove it can I??! Either way, the total mockery that it makes of the scientific process and basic logic is astounding. Frighteningly, as a friend mentioned, even if it isn't true, it is too close for comfort to the thought process that really does exist out there.

  • Cartoons Attacking Creationists - I admit, I feel a bit guilty promoting something that attacks any group's beliefs, but these cartoons are just so hilarious they seem to override the guilt.

  • Ever been having a problem and ask for advice, looking for deep insight, only to receive back a useless recapitulation of superficial facts that you already know? Well we're not the only ones. My good friend Erin says that this Jack Nicholson quote (wav file) from "As Good as It Gets" is his mantra.

  • The Official God FAQ - Concise and to the point. What more can you ask for in an FAQ?.

  • Sol Rosenberg Soundboard - Flash clips of notoriously neurotic Jerky Boys character Sol Rosenberg. Hours of fun...oh my gawwwwwd.

  • Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard - Clips from one of the most bizarre movies I've ever seen, not understood, and then quoted extensively.

  • Ashcroft Sings - No I'm not joking....this is John Ashcroft singing a song he wrote. I found it through a link on the website of Michael Moore where it said: "Is This Man Crazy? From John Aschroft, the man who brought you the Patriot Act comes a beautiful and touching song which is neither melodic nor patriotic." Load the page, choose your media player, and prepare to bust a gut.

  • The U.S. Government Has a New Website - Fun with ambiguous new warning signs.

  • Elftor Comics - This is a hilarious comic a friend introduced me to. It mixes the wonder of elves and talking cheese with the comedies and tragedies of our modern world, including politics, religion, philosophy and more. But it is not for the thin skinned. Be prepared to meet the most politically incorrect elf and piece of cheese you've ever met, and be prepared to laugh as well.

  • "Real" College Textbooks - Finally some honesty in education!

  • Circuits Discover Each Other - The hottest electronics-related site you've ever seen!

  • Hilarious "Little Boy" Commercial - This Belgian-produced commercial will make you think twice on your next date!

  • Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - Worship at the altar of his noodly appendage! Quite possibly the funniest site in existence about the evolution vs. intelligent design "debate". And don't forget to get your FSM car emblem!

  • Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA - Salvationists, put your money where your mouth is if you love your pets. Confirmed atheists hilariously offer - for a small fee - to take care of them after you are swept off into heaven by the rapture.

  • Sexual Harrassment and You - Hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live in which quarterback Tom Brady helps shed some light on the subtle double standard sometimes involved in the concept of sexual harrassment.

  • Hot Chicks with Douche Bags - "Pictures of hot chicks with total and complete douchebags. With commentary." - 'Nuff said.

  • Huh Corp. - The website of a "cutting edge" company that knows all the right buzzwords...but does do stuff!

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