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Archive for the 'Marketing & Promotion' Category

Announcing the Newsletter (& What I Learned While Creating It)

November 24th, 2014 by Howard Ditkoff

In a long overdue milestone, those with interest in my ideas and work can now sign up to regularly receive free bonus content that I create only for subscribers, as well as periodic updates and announcements, directly in their email inbox.

This post, of course, offers details regarding this newest feature, including how to easily sign up for my newsletter, as well as about what you receive when you do so - namely some of my best, in-depth material exploring a wide range of ideas that have had significant impact on my life, the journey that led me to discovering them and how they can bring you greater clarity and insight. But, in addition, it covers the story of why I was so strongly motivated to start the newsletter, how I finally overcame numerous challenges to bring it into being, how it’s gone since the launch several weeks ago and what I’m looking forward to with it in the future.

For those considering starting or working on their own, it also offers more general insight regarding newsletters and email lists that I’ve gleaned from my experience and from studying the work of a number of trusted experts. It describes some common challenges involved in email design and coding and the many benefits newsletters offer in online business which lead me to refer to them as the holy grail of the online world. And I share my assessment of some of the email service providers that allow you to set up your own newsletter at almost no initial cost and the reasons I chose the one I ended up using for this newsletter, as well as other tools and resources useful for optimizing newsletters.

Of course, if you prefer, you can skip as much of the post as you want and just subscribe.

Adam Monroe: Another Web 2.0 Talent Promotion Success Story

July 24th, 2008 by Howard Ditkoff

One day last December, I was on YouTube, checking out videos of songs by Tool and A Perfect Circle, two of the fantastic bands fronted by singer Maynard James Keenan. At one point, as I was watching a performance of “3 Libras”, perhaps my favorite of the many great songs by these bands, YouTube’s related […]

Josiah Leming: Brilliant, Haunting Music & Web 2.0 Drive American Idol Castoff’s Prototypical Success Story

May 19th, 2008 by Howard Ditkoff

Another Season of Inspiration on American Idol

Two years ago, I wrote an essay called “How American Idol Changed My Life”. I realized as I wrote it that some who see me as a person focused on more profound issues might find my enjoyment of an iconic pop culture talent show to be seriously out of […]

The Joy and Power of Discovering True Selves

July 9th, 2007 by Howard Ditkoff

In this day and age, many forces conspire to repress our true selves, passions and talents. This makes moments when we suddenly discover something real and genuine – whether an important idea or a musician that exudes soul - extremely moving and powerful. Regaining our true selves leads to purpose and fulfillment, qualities that are crucial in regaining a healthy path for our society and our world. Learn about some ideas (Instant Runoff Voting) and artists (Norah Jones, Amos Lee, Chris Daughtry, Meghan Julius and Kiersten Holine) that exhibit this genuine quality and why there are more resources and tools available than ever before to help you gradually find, develop and promote your talents.

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